Westcoast Clinical Counsellors

Angela Burns, Susan Farling and Jocelyn Harris formed Westcoast Clinical Counselling after completing their Masters degrees in Counselling Psychology at the University of Victoria.

Besides sharing adjoining office space, Angela, Susan and Jocelyn share core professional values and beliefs. Their approach favours gentle non-invasive therapies. They see the role of client and therapist as a partnership in self-exploration and healing.

As part of their private practice, they work with the City of Victoria and the Township of Esquimalt in providing counselling services to their employees and family members.

They are committed to both their clients and their profession. In 1988 they were actively involved in the founding of the B.C. Association of Clinical Counsellors, a regulatory body that sets the standards for the counselling profession in British Columbia. They remain committed and active members in good standing. As well, they engage in regular, on-going professional development and clinical peer supervision.




Angela, Susan and Jocelyn were featured in Focus on Women, a local Victoria magazine. Here are a few quotes from that article:

If Angela, Susan and Jocelyn share an area of focus, it is transition issues, the ways in which we can navigate and enhance our journeys from one stage of life of another.

As they talk, the words safety, respect, support, and choice come up again and again. If Westcoast Clinical Counselling has a mantra, these words might be it.

It’s not so much how fast these women are able to get to the heart; what counts is that they get there.

Dedicated Professionals – They make a difference